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HRM WING »  DPC already Completed
Regularization DPC from JC to Commr for batch 1986-87 for vacancy year 2007-08 12-05-2016
Review DPC of Sh.Avnish Bansal to thr grade of Deputy Comm. 12-05-2016
AC to DC For the vacancy year 2016-17 12-05-2016
Indrajit Guha and Dinesh Kumar Bangrah review DPCfor NFSG 12-05-2016
Manjula D. Hosumani & Yoshovardhan Pathak NFSG 12-05-2016
DC to JC Adhoc for 2006 batch, for vacancy year 2016-17 12-05-2016
Review DPC FOR THE Grade of Deputy Commissioner 12-05-2016
Adhoc Promotion to DC for vacancy year 2015-16 12-05-2016
Review DPC of Shri Sriram R. & Shri P. Ravindra Babu 12-05-2016
Review DPC to the grade of Deputy Commissioner 12-05-2016
NFU, 1981-1982 batches 12-05-2016
Principal CC/DG APEX for vacancy 2015-16 12-05-2016
Group B to Group A 12-05-2016
Review DPC DC to JC Sh. Indirjit Guha & Sh. K.V.R.K. Bhupala rao. 12-05-2016
NFSG to the Joint Commrs-- 2002 BATCH on Adhoc basis (vacancy year 2015-16) 12-05-2016
Adhoc Promotion to Joint Commissioner for vacancy year 2015-16 12-05-2016
Additional Commissioner, NFSG for 1986-87 batch Regular vacancy year 12-05-2016
Review DPC from DC to JC for part batch 1988 12-05-2016
Principal Commissioner for 2014-15 12-05-2016



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